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Two feature-length documentaries in Post-Production

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Tulpa Creatives are in post-production with two documentaries in Swedish. One that delve deep into Mental health among young people and one about Sweden’s first real Glam rock band ”Tears”.

Det är vår tur nu

In English, the title is “It’s our time now”.  Documentarian Andreas Doyle have followed Siri Strand and Emma Westas Rödin for years. Emma and Siri are the young masterminds behind the immensely popular podcast “Pillerpodden”, they had at an early age already done more than 300 lectures all around Sweden and written a bestselling book. The went out on a mission to change the world and make it a better place for young people, that’s struggling, like they did, with mental health issues. In the feature we follow Emma and Siri’s tumultuous journey but also dive into the issues they confronted among young people along the way.

The Feature is produced by Tulpa Creatives together with Populate, an award-winning Swedish film communications agency. The film is funded by Uppsala Municipality (Uppsala Kommun) and Länsförsäkringar Uppsala.

Tears – Historien om Sveriges mest kända, okända band

In English, the title is “Tears” – The story about the most known, unknown Swedish band. Created by Jovan Radomir, he sets out to learn more about the enigmatic and unique Swedish music band “Tears”.

Tears, a glam rock group, formed in 1968 in Katrineholm, Sweden.  Founded by Lars ”Fubbe” Furberg, Eddie ”Eddan” Eriksson and Matti Vuorinen. However, the drummers varied during the years. The documentary is set to be released on SVT.

Helping Jovan out to learn more about this fascinating band, that were laying with nontraditional gender roles, he has Ola Salo, Ronny Svensson, Ulf Gustavsson, Noah Wallace, Janne Bark and of course the band itself.


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