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Tulpa Creatives Unveils Groundbreaking Investment

Updated: May 31


We started Tulpa Creatives with the goal of creating a slate of several films to be offered as a joint investment fund. This opportunity to invest in the film industry promises not only significant returns, but also a risk-mitigated approach to investment.

We have developed six feature films, all of which draw on both a European film tradition (character depth, relevance, important subject matter) and the American commercial film tradition (plot driven, visually compelling).


We have now opened up our first investment round, presenting the Tulpa Movie Slate to an exclusive group of people including potential investors. What makes our investment model so innovative and game changing for the Scandinavia film industry, is our collaboration with analysts from Auxality, an independent IT consultancy. Under the supervision of CEO George Sallfeldt (former CEO of Morningstar), Auxality’s analysts have created an analytic tool that simulates risk with depth and precision - including high, mid and low ROI.


Auxality has used standard methods of financial analysis to calculate the risk factors involved in our film portfolio. They have collected data from the largest database of financial film information, ensuring the highest level of reliability and accuracy.

For each film in the portfolio, they have identified 25-30 films similar in genre, story and budget, and have carried out a rigorous performance analysis of each one. This has resulted in the development of a synthetic outcome distribution for each film.

This has allowed for the calculation of likely outcomes under the assumption of uncorrelated outcomes between films, providing a more nuanced understanding of risk and return.

Tulpa Creatives reveived a substantial contribution from "Kulturbryggan", which is part of Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The project contribution is within the program "New financing models" and concerns the development of a tool that production companies should be able to use to make potential investors more willing to finance Scandinavian films.


We are proud to announce that with us on this journey are Anette Mattsson

(former CEO of several film funds), Anna Lindström (CEO at Lucky Dogs, who has

distributed both Cannes and Oscar winners), and Gulliksson Law firm. We have also received expert advice from several senior figures in the film industry, such as Jan Stigwall, Nordic Cinema Group (owner of SF Bio). Jan was previously CEO of Twentieth Century Fox in the Nordic countries.


Either as an investor or as a partner? Get in touch with Tulpa Creative's CEO Simon Kölle (

A big thank you to everyone who attended our first presentation event! We are happy to announce that many parties and investors have already joined the Tulpa Movie Slate.

Photographer: Cheyenne Olander


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