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Director Richard talks about filming Dystopia mid-pandemic

Last week Richard Jarnhed was interviewed about the newly released series Dystopia. About why summer became the season of horror titles, his influences and how it was to work mid-pandemic.

Listen to the interview (in Swedish) with Bandit Rock:

We're happy to already see the warm reception from the audience and everyone watching Dystopia. It proves something we already knew, the Swedish audience is ready and hungry for new genres. We hope to see this trend grow and we're happy to play a part in the changing landscape.

Director Richard Jarnhed on the set of Dystopia
Director Richard Jarnhed on the set of Dystopia. Photo Dan Widegren. Property of Jarowskij AB

As for you who watched the show and still feel an urge for more you can check out this interview with lead actress Madeleine Martin, on the national radio broadcast (P3):

Victor Linnér & Ison Glasgow on Swedish Radio P3
Madeleine Martin guests Victor Linnér & Ison Glasgow (Swedish Radio P3)

Or check out this interview on Power Hit Radio:


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