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SVT visits the set of Dystopia

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Foto: Pelle Råssjö, SVT

Tulpa Creatives founder and co-owner Richard Jarnhed is currently filming at location in Stråssa, Lindesberg. Recently they got a visit on set by a local SVT reporter.

Dystopia is a VIAPLAY Original TV-series created by Richard Jarnhed together with Jarowskij’s producer Lotta Westberg and produced by Jarowskij. The series is scheduled for premiere on Viaplay in 2021.

In the interview you get to see a glimpse behind the scenes and into the fantastic set that’s been built around Stråssa – an abandoned Iron mine that is often used these days to house Zombie runs, Paintball and big Live Action Role-Playing events(LARPs).

Richard Jarnhed: ”We wanted to work with dramatic, dark and wicked environments that simultaneously look beautiful. There are some very beautiful environments around here. And we wanted to use that contrast, with these beautiful  lakes and this Swedish summer”

Click here to watch the full interview.

Dystopia premieres in June 2021


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