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New thriller series Dystopia out now on Viaplay

We at Tulpa Creatives are happy to announce the new thriller series Dystopia, out now on Viaplay.

The series is produced by Jarowskij, created by Richard Jarnhed and Lotta Westberg. Both Richard Jarnhed and Joel Forssell have been part of the writer's room. And our CEO Simon Kölle wrote the music for the show.

The show is a unique horror story set in a Swedish landscape, recorded in an old abandoned mine. We're thrilled to continually be part of bringing fresh new genres to Swedish audiences.

The thriller series Dystopia is filled with an all-star cast, with talent such as Madeleine Martin, Happy Jankell, Johan Hafezi, Maja Rung, Lola Zackow, Jonathan Harboe, Erik Bolin, Einar Bredefeldt & Erika Cardenas Hedenberg.

Watch the show now on Viaplay.


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