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Nordic Entertainment publ: NENT Group creates `Dystopia’ as latest original production

Tulpa Creatives founder and co-owner Richard Jarnhed, together with Jarowskij’s producer Lotta Westberg have created the VIAPLAY Original TV-series Dystopia. The series is produced by Jarowskij and is currently filming in Lindesberg in central Sweden.

Dystopia is a Swedish horror series that features rising stars Madeleine Martin and Johan Hafezi. It is scheduled for premiere on Viaplay in 2021.

The next original production from Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the Nordic region’s leading streaming company, is Swedish horror series `Dystopia’. A chilling tale of supernatural powers unleashed during a post-apocalyptic Nordic LARP inside a factory in the Swedish forests, `Dystopia’ features a star cast of new Nordic talents and will premiere exclusively across the region on NENT Group’s Viaplay streaming service in 2021.

For a group of thrill-seeking young Swedes, an abandoned Cold War-era factory deep in the wilderness seems the ideal setting for a live roleplay designed to push them to their physical and mental limits. But the game soon turns deadly serious when a series of mysterious events unfold, awakening dark forces.

`Dystopia’ stars Madeleine Martin (NENT Group’s `ALEX’), Johan Hafezi (`Jägarna’), Happy Jankell (NENT Group’s `The Ambassador’), Erik Bolin (NENT Group’s `ALEX’), Johan Hedenberg (`The Perfect Patient’), Lola Zackow (NENT Group’s `Conspiracy of Silence’), Erika Cardenas Hedenberg (`The Restaurant’), Maja Rung (NENT Group’s `Honour’) and Christian Svensson (`24′).

The eight-part production is based on an idea by director Richard Jarnhed and producer Lotta Westberg, both of whom worked on NENT Group’s successful `Black Lake’ original series.

Filippa Wallestam, NENT Group Chief Content Officer:

Just like a creepy old building in the woods, the Nordic horror genre is both unexplored and intriguing. As the region’s leading streaming storyteller, we are constantly looking to explore new genres and broaden the appeal of Viaplay’s offering. High-quality horror resonates particularly well with young adult viewers, and we see great potential for an adrenaline-fueled show like `Dystopia’ that brings together some of the Nordic region’s most talented rising stars.

Tulpa Creatives founder, co-owner, and CEO Simon Kölle joins the team as the series Composer and will compose music to all 8 episodes.

Madeleine Martin about the series:

 It’s not common that anyone dares to create something in this genre in Sweden and when a company goes all the way like this, I want to be part of it. Horror is completely new for me and I am excited by the challenge. I Think this will be something unique for Sweden.

Richard Jarnhed is not just one of the founders and owners of Tulpa Creatives. He is also a well-established director and script writer. He’s the director of all 8 episodes:

 I have loved the horror genre since I was young and got terrified by “The Shining”, “Alien” and “Rosemary’s Baby”. Dystopia is a psychological horror series with an international feel.  inspired by, among others, “Chernobyl”, “Black Swan” and “Jacobs Ladder”. I believe the viewers will recognize the mood from Black Lake season 1. The locations in the factory are fantastic and it creates a unique setting for a psychological horror drama..

Other talents within Tulpa Creatives also work/worked on the TV-series. To be continued.

Photo’s: Johnny Wholin


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